RED HOT Healthcare is hosted by Dr. Steve Ambrose - an industry expert and leader in consumer and patient engagement. Weekly shows include his engaging interviews with top senior health and health tech leaders. Guest experts come from hospitals, health systems, payers, pharma, medical device, EMR, and social media influencers.
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Jun 24, 2018

With healthcare consumerism on the rise and more millennials entering the workforce, learning and company culture has become far more meaningful.

On today's show, we have an internationally recognized thought leader in leadership, learning and development. Her work has been seen by over 9 million viewers on and LinkedIn learning.

Dr. Britt Andreatta was formerly the Chief Learning Officer for Her work embraces workplace culture, the neuroscience of learning & development, emotional intelligence and leading change management. Her clients are a who’s who in the Fortune 100.

In this show, Steve and Britt discuss a number of powerful subjects and insights including:

  • Learning vs. a 'culture' of learning
  • Psychological safety and physician burnout
  • The impact of 'Amygdala Hijack'
  • Why up to 70% of change initiatives fail
  • Why you should avoid doctors in the afternoon
  • Neural Synchrony and team success
  • Britt's 4 Gates to Peak Performance
Jun 9, 2018

In this power-packed episode, Dr. Steve delivers the final part of this engaging series. Guests Amy Cueva and Amy Bucher of Mad*Pow are delivering high octane conversation on top-of-mind insights into the future of healthcare.

NOTE:  If you haven't yet heard it, please listen to PART 1 per episode 70. 

Get ready for some incredible insight on the following topics we discuss:


🔶 The differences between engagement science from providers to pharma companies

🔶 Worn out beliefs, terms, and strategies in patient experience

🔶 The power and need for coordinating nudges and messages from multiple sources to patient

🔶 The highly disruptive changes in millennial healthcare decisioning and actions

🔶 Healthcare's most pressing issues that are holding back growth and better patient experience

🔶 Hospital and health system growth - local and remote...

And so much more!

Jun 3, 2018

On today's show, we have Amy Cueva and Amy Bucher of Madpow.

Take one-part cutting-edge motivational science, add in a strong dash of design psychology, a high level of insight & innovative design...and round it off with 80 strongly-skilled and passionate professionals.

And you have Mad*Pow, a market-leading design company that has worked with the top names in healthcare - including CVS Health, Harvard Pilgrim and even the CDC.

This show episode was so chock full of great information, that it became the first ever 2-part interview series I have done!

In this episode. Dr. Steve Ambrose, Amy Cueva, and Amy Bucher discuss the following:

🔶 How 'motivational science' and 'design psychology' are changing the world of patient experience and engagement.

🔶 Blending creative processes with scientific methods to deliver unique solutions

🔶 The framing strategy of today's healthcare companies to deflect 'pricing'

🔶 Why persuasion is highly overrated in behavior change

🔶 Collaboration as the 'new' innovation

🔶 Engagement differences - pharma, payers, and providers

And so much more!

May 26, 2018

Inovalon counts hundreds of insurance companies, provider systems, and pharma, device, and diagnostic companies as clients, including 19 of the top 25 health plans and 13 of the top 15 pharma and life sciences companies. It pools data on more than 240 million patients.

On today’s show we have SVP of Innovation, Eric Sullivan. Host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Eric get into some top-of-mind issues including:

  • Inovalon's reach across healthcare segments
  • A refreshing view on commoditized pop. health 
  • Fast analysis and NLP innovation
  • 'CDEaaS' and 'NLPaaS' - new and refreshing
  • The necessity of streamlining patient engagement
  • Who is defining 'value' in value-based care?
  • The power of the hidden 3%
May 19, 2018

Providence St. Joseph Health employs more than 110,000 caregivers at 50 hospitals, more than 800 clinics and a range of health and social services in 7 states.

Today we talk leadership with their President of Strategy, Annette Walker. In 2017, she was named one of the top 25 women in healthcare by Modern Healthcare magazine.  

In this episode, Dr. Steve and Annette Walker discuss these engaging subjects:

  • Re-thinking revenue outside of the hospital
  • The power of faith in Annette's leadership
  • Is A.I. and technology overrated for helping admin costs?
  • Female-on-Female incivility in the workplace
  • Telehealth in interstate-level health system growth
  • Retail partnering for healthcare services
May 13, 2018

Blockchain has been perhaps the biggest buzzword over the last year. But what about it IS hype…and what is the truth today, and likely for the future?

And for healthcare?

Today we have John Bass, the CEO of Hashed Health in Nashville, TN with us in studio. He’s taking us down the primrose path, where we can smell the roses and not get stuck by its thorns.

In this engaging and information-packed episode, host Dr. Steve and John discuss:

  • A quick primer on the technology
  • New business models and value chain governance 
  • Impact on administrative costs
  • Professional Credentials Exchange, Bramble and other powerful emerging solutions
  • Blockchain enabling consumerism and a new era of competing on price and quality
  • Trust, transparency, and incentive alignment
  • And so much more!
May 5, 2018

This is one of the more riveting episodes, as host Dr. Steve Ambrose sits down with Microsoft's Director of Worldwide Health Tom Lawry.

In this leader role, Tom works with health providers, payers, and governments in planning and implementing innovative technology solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of health services delivered around the globe.

In this show, Steve and Tom discuss these subjects and many more:

  • Aspects of bias, transparency, and safety with A.I.
  • The necessity of HR re-training for the established workforce
  • Shoehorning A.I. into software solutions
  • Needed improvements on administrative costs
  • Drug pricing and A.I. solutions
  • Tom's view on the 'one-hit wonders'
  • Balancing the technology with the social and societal aspects
  • The over-hype and 'sniff-test' of A.I. in healthcare
  • And SO MUCH MORE...


Apr 22, 2018

Dr. Patricia Salber has had a meaningful journey in medicine. It makes for a terrific story - and an even better interview. 

From board-certified internist, ER doctor, medical director and now the Founder and CEO of The Doctor Weighs In - an award-winning mobile/online platform that uses new media to share stories about health care innovation.

She now consults on various aspects of health plans, purchasers, and ACO management, including but not limited to, benefit design, population health management, care coordination, cost reduction, and quality improvement.

On today's episode host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Dr. Salber discuss the following engaging subjects:

  • A journey from working for providers and payers
  • Her unique view on physician burnout and physician commoditization
  • FAKE Medical News
  • Proactive imaging for osteoarthritis
  • The new world and benefits of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare
Apr 15, 2018

Wellness is being defined in new ways and with new impact on the workplace and the lives of those involved.

In this show episode, host Dr. Steve Ambrose interviews national expert Dr. Seth Serxner - Chief Health Officer and SVP of Population Health at Optum.

Seth has published more than 40 articles and chapters on health and productivity management - including his latest on the shift from wellness to well-being

In this riveting episode, Dr. Steve and Seth Serxner embark on a multitude of engaging subject matter including:

  • Where wellness HAS BEEN and where it's GOING
  • Wellness vs. Well-Being
  • From Financial ROI to Value-on-Investment (VOI)
  • Behavioral and decisioning science in wellness
  • Workplace culture on workplace health
  • OptumHealth's focus on Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Cost transparency and health literacy
  • And SO MUCH MORE....
Apr 9, 2018

In this episode, Dr. Steve talks with award-winning CRM platform Founder and CEO Brad Bostic of

The HC1 platform has been adopted across more than 1,200 leading lab, post acute care, and health systems. The company has received accolades from Gartner Research, was named "Best Healthcare CRM"​ by Frost & Sullivan, and is the top rated solution in the KLAS Healthcare CRM report.

In this episode, Dr. Steve and Brad Bostic go deep into the following areas:

  • Overview of HC1 and the wide client areas it adds value into
  • A unique solution for the opioid epidemic
  • Machine learning and unique technology for private and public health use
  • Growing referrals and patient acquisition in post-acute facilities and health systems
  • Working in with Uber Health and platform partners
  • Waging a win-able war on prescription drug addiction
Mar 31, 2018

On this episode of Red Hot Healthcare, we have one of the top digital strategy leaders in the country - Sara Vaezy of Providence St. Joseph Health.

They are a $22 billion organization employing more than 110,000 caregivers at 50 hospitals and more than 800 clinics. But don’t let their size fool you, because they’re on the cutting edge of next generation consumer engagement and scalable growth.

On this show, we will be discussing:

  • Their major investment into digital innovation

  • 5 Teams - 4 Different Functions

  • Engagement through dual-platforms

  • Generating revenue through partnerships and commercializing new products

  • Moms as the Chief Medical Oficers

  • Scaling growth with telemedicine

  • Multi-component Digital Journeys

  • Predictability on Revenue Cycle..

  • And MUCH MORE!

Mar 24, 2018

In this week's episode, Dr. Steve has an inspiring and powerful interview with Scott Rotermund, the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer for Welltok - an enterprise SaaS company focusing on driving healthcare consumers to attain and optimize their health.

Welltok works with payers, providers and self-insured companies; and they have recently been added to Deloitte's fastest-growing companies in North America.

This show episode includes a highly-engaging back-and-forth on:

  • Welltok's CafeWell Platform
  • The power of engagement in massive value gains
  • Company growth through organic & inorganic means
  • Loss aversion, rewards, and consumer responsibility
  • 40-50% operational efficiencies realized by customers
  • The importance of coordinating and streamlining multiple streams of consumer messaging.
Mar 18, 2018

The Banner Aetna joint venture is transforming the healthcare model. It’s not only about higher costs and better outcomes, but an entirely different way of seeing things.

In this full hour episode, we have one of the best back-and-forth engagements in show history.

Today’s guest is a transformational thinker and an incredibly intelligent and well-respected leader. Dr. Robert Groves is the EVP of Banner-Aetna and he’s making great things happen…including this powerful interview.

In this interview, host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Dr. Robert Groves discuss many powerful subjects including:

  • His personal experience from provider to payer environments
  • A history of fee-for-service primer
  • Provider/Plan partnering vs. integrated health systems
  • Unit pricing vs. utilization
  • Replacing doctor functions with AI
  • Banner-Aetna partnering strategy
  • Physician burnout and doctor autonomy
  • Social spending need in our healthcare system
  • Banner's history of successful supply chain and ACO
  • Pushing control out to today's healthcare consumer
Mar 18, 2018

The Banner Aetna joint venture is transforming the healthcare model. It’s not only about higher costs and better outcomes, but an entirely different way of seeing things.

In this full hour episode, we have one of the best back-and-forth engagements in show history.

Today’s guest is a transformational thinker and an incredibly intelligent and well-respected leader. Dr. Robert Groves is the EVP of Banner-Aetna and he’s making great things happen…including this powerful interview.

In this interview, host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Dr. Robert Groves discuss many powerful subjects including:

  • His personal experience from provider to payer environments
  • A history of fee-for-service primer
  • Provider/Plan partnering vs. integrated health systems
  • Unit pricing vs. utilization
  • Replacing doctor functions with AI
  • Banner-Aetna partnering strategy
  • Physician burnout and doctor autonomy
  • Social spending need in our healthcare system
  • Banner's history of successful supply chain and ACO
  • Pushing control out to today's healthcare consumer
Mar 9, 2018

Jacques Mulder is the US Health Sector Leader for EY. In this role, he leads teams in helping clients strategically address the transformative forces shaping the health ecosystem. He also is responsible for growing EY’s people, networks, and capabilities in the Health sector as well as developing industry-specific solutions and thought leadership.

In this episode, Dr. Steve engaging in deep discussion on healthcare strategy and current disruption with sector leader Jacques Mulder.

In this podcast audio, they discuss subjects including:

  • The importance of consumer behavior on the healthcare system
  • Need of innovation around market uncertainty
  • Lowering prices from long-term competition from clinical efficiencies
  • Cost containment vs. Cost optimization
  • Data fusion systems & Global ecosystem of peer value 
  • Health provider M&As - a race to drive scale
Mar 6, 2018

Today, two out of three patients do not pay their bill in full. TransUnion Healthcare’s analysis projects that by the year 2020, the percentage of patients not paying their bills in full will rise to 95%. More than ever risk management, proper screening prior to treatment, as well as patient financial experience is key.

Growing debt and unpaid bills are becoming a significant issue for hospitals and health systems…and today we interview a leading expert, Jonthan Wiik of Transunion on the subject. This is an interview conducted on 3/5/2018 at HIMSS in Las Vegas.

Jonathan Wiik serves as a Principal at TransUnion, in the Healthcare Solutions Division. He has over 20 years’ experience in health care, and he has worked in both the acute care and insurance setting. He has spoken at several national and state events, and has developed several nationally‐recognized programs in Point‐of‐Service (POS) Collections, financial clearance, and sharing best practices in hospital operations.

This podcast outlines the following:

  • New study shows significant increase in patient out of pocket costs
  • Head-scratching numbers of the healthcare future of millennial payers
  • The importance of the 501R Charity designation
  • How health providers will acquire new patients while reducing medical debt
  • The power of financial screening technology
  • Ability vs. willingness to pay
  • Jonathan's book and new look on consumer payer
Mar 3, 2018

In this episode, Dr. Steve Ambrose speaks with telemedicine legal and regulatory expert Nathaniel Lacktman. He is the chair of Telemedicine at Foley & Lardner and writes a popular blog called Healthcare Law Today. The show tackles some of the biggest issue and most current issues in telemedicine today.

Some of the issues discussed include the following:

  • The year of inflection for telemedicine
  • Monster venture investing
  • 4 legal hurdles remaining for telemedicine
  • The expansive benefits of the Bipartisan Budget Act
  • Padded number and illegalities in telemedicine
  • His innovative companies to look at
  • Tele-services for pharmacies, including MTM
  • Telehealth as a tool for growing patient acquisition
Feb 25, 2018

In this episode, Dr. Steve engages with one of the most innovative CIOs in the industry, Michael Archuleta. The two discuss topics from cyberattacks and medical device security to consumerism and collaborative culture.


  • Scary numbers for security preparedness
  • The value of healthcare records to hackers
  • Collaborative cultures & care team champions
  • Workflows & healthcare data security
  • Intuitive technology for patient engagement
  • The Power of A.I. For Administrative Functions
  • Age and Achievement
Feb 17, 2018

With today’s runaway costs, finding and controlling fraud and abuse is more important than ever. On today’s show, we have special guest Bill Lucia, the CEO, President and Chairman for HMS. They are a leader in the cost containment space, serving over 40 states Medicaid programs, Medicare, 325+ commercial health plans, as well as many large employers nationally.

In this episode, Dr. Steve and Bill Lucia discuss:

- Reducing healthcare waste is more than a technology fix

- Understanding how current and future risk bear on costs

- Telehealth as an engagement tool

- HMS' acquisition of Eliza for consumer engagement

- The power of investing into behavioral & advertising science


Jan 29, 2018






Dr. Steve is fresh on the warpath with this new 'Red Hot' episode. In it, he speaks with Intermountain Healthcare's leadership team, on the war they're waging against opioid addiction and overprescribing. 

Dr. David Hasleton, Associate Chief Medical Officer and Mikelle Moore, Senior Vice President of Community Health and Population Health Management.



  • The staggering statistics of opioid abuse today
  • How the body gets addicted to these powerful medications
  • Intermountain Health's goal to drop acute opioid prescriptions by 40%
  • How past health plan and medical culture helped cause the current epidemic
  • Views on medical cannabis as a viable alternative for stopping opioid abuse
Jan 7, 2018

Today we have a powerhouse in healthcare. The former head of the ONC – appointed by President Obama, she’s a provider, health tech leader, sits on the board of Humana…and is making a hard charge toward jer vision for public health 3.0.

It’s Dr. Karen DeSalvo…and she’s taking on the tough issues and the tough questions…right here on Red Hot Healthcare..let’s go!

In this episode, Dr. Steve and former Asst. Secretary Dr. DeSalvo discuss the following:

  • Her unique history in dual leadership roles at CMS
  • The effects of her tenure with the Meaningful Use Act of HIPAA
  • A much needed lift for public health
  • Loss aversion vs rewards in patient motivation
  • Lessons she learned as Health Commissioner of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina


Dec 10, 2017

Dr. Stephen Klasko. If you don't know the name, or know the name but not his thoughts - you need to. This could well be the next face whose steps lead the way for other healthcare providers and health systems around the country.

He's bold in his statements and his actions. His mantra is all about the need for, and the employment of significant disruption, creativity, and innovation for the next phase of America's healthcare. He's doing just that - for what has become one of the fastest-growing and top-rated healthcare systems in America.

In this latest episode of RED HOT HEALTHCARE, host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Dr. Stephen Klasko discuss:

  • Developing a model of technical competence for surgeons
  • Moving away from incremental thought in medicine and academics
  • Shifting from a B2B to a B2C Millennial-centered business model
  • Trading investments...from beds to telehealth
  • Transforming a hospital company to a consumer health entity
  • Virtual Rounds and Future Hologram visits
  • Digital Innovation Consumer Experience (DICE) Group
  • Dr. Klasko's prescriptive solutions for fixing health care (12 ‘Disruptors’)
  • 'Demand Matching' for orthopedic care
Nov 26, 2017

In this podcast, Dr. Steve Ambrose and Dr. David Katz dive deep into healthy lifestyles and nutrition, taking on controversial subjects including:

  • The 6-cylinder engine of lifestyle medicine
  • Health is not really 'the prize'
  • The cultural enterprise and its importance on health literacy
  • Why sugar is the most important weapon of the food industry
  • Getting healthy 'quick' - A losing proposition
  • How the publishing industry is complicit in misinforming the public
  • The 'Triad of Terror'
Nov 12, 2017

In this episode of RED HOT HEALTHCARE, Dr. Steve Ambrose get in-depth on the next era of content development and personalized marketing with Paul Matsen, chief marketing officer of the $8 billion healthcare system.

Matsen joined Cleveland Clinic in 2006. He is responsible for all marketing and communications programs at Cleveland Clinic including global development of the brand; marketing of key clinical lines of service; regional and international locations; and digital marketing. He also leads Cleveland Clinic’s Corporate Communications department.

This is one heck of a podcast - and below is a snippet preview of what you will listen to, on your next walk or ride. For healthcare providers, including hospitals and health systems, you will hopefully pull out some great nuggets of perception, strategy, and proven value.

In this episode, Dr. Steve and Paul Matsen discuss:

  • Meeting healthcare consumers through a unique blend of created content, scalability, and social media
  • The success of Cleveland's Health Affairs Blog - at 4.5 million visits per month
  • The power of transparency in knowing more about doctors, costs, and personalized journeys.
  • Why it's so important to create, grow and unify brand
  • Psychology used to attract and drive specific consumer behaviors
Oct 29, 2017

When I mention an organization that walks tall and carries a big stick – you’d best be thinking of The LeapFrog Group. It has become one of the more powerful patient safety organizations in grading hospitals, through its mission of providing public transparency. Ultimately, it seeks to improve safety, quality, and affordability of U.S. health care.

Estimates today finger medical errors as causing upwards of 400,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Additionally, employers and individual coverage purchasers are the unwitting recipients of long-term purposeful cost hyperinflation from drug companies, healthcare providers, and health payers.

Founded in 2000, the LeapFrog Group came about from large employers and care coverage purchasers who recognized the poor returns on their healthcare spend. Never has that need been more true than today - as hyperinflated costs can no longer be justified will business and individual consumers supporting the system and its pricing.

In 2017, nearly 1,800 hospitals have already completed LeapFrog's quality, safety, and resource survey. It is increasingly being considered a standard for evaluating hospital performance - specific to quality, safe, and resource use. Leapfrog already gives its own safety ratings on all U.S. hospitals; and this data is being increasingly used by individual and business healthcare consumers - especially as we see free-market forces entering into the system.


Recently, Dr. Steve Ambrose - the Founder & Host of the RED HOT HEALTHCARE Podcast, had an opportunity to engage in a riveting back-and-forth audio interview with Leah Binder, the outspoken CEO and President of The LeapFrog Group.

She was named on Becker’s list of the 50 most powerful people in healthcare, and consistently cited by Modern Healthcare among the 100 most influential people and top 25 women in healthcare.

In the complete audio listen, Dr. Steve Ambrose and Leah Binder dive deep into topics including:

  • Her history of working on New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's team
  • How the LeapFrog Group grew its influence with thousands of hospitals
  • The REAL TRUTH on who pays the most healthcare costs
  • What facets make up LeapFrog's grades & reported data
  • The importance of PUBLIC transparency and accountability for all hospitals
  • Extending transparency to payers and pharma companies (Dr. Steve thoughts)
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